Brutal Assault 2017 - 09-12/08/2017 - Jaromer

Amorphis + August Burns Red + Batushka + Chelsea Grin + Cough + Decapitated + Deserted Fear + Electric Wizard
Eluveitie + Emperor + Fallujah + Front Line Assembly + Gadget + Gorguts + Gutalax + Igorrr + Incantation + KMFDM
Life Of Agony + Mantar + Master’s Hammer + Mayhem + Metal Church + Morbid Angel + Nervosa + Nile + Opeth + Possessed
Prong + Protector + Revocation + Rotting Christ + Sacred Reich + Sikth + Swans + Teethgrinder + Terror + The Amity Affliction
Trivium + Tsjuder + Ulcerate + While She Sleeps + Wrekmeister Harmonies

Hungry for some newly confirmed bands? Thursday 10am.

ya une ville/village accessible à pied près du site ?,+R%C3%A9publique+tch%C3%A8que/@50.3438426,15.9177335,2740m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x470e7df464c530ed:0x400af0f66152500!8m2!3d50.3568041!4d15.924138

Josefov = lieu du fest. Le reste en haut = ville. Mais en fait il y a aussi pleins de truc à l’intérieur de Josefov, c’est la ville historique, avec quelques commerces.

Mais t’inquiète, y a un camping :zemmour:


jpasserai vous dire bonjour :tetesdegland:

Ouais c’est le defaut du fest, l’absence de logement potable en dehors du camping, mais apres l’ambiance est tellement cool que ce n’est pas si desagreable que ca.

FIRST BIG BATCH OF BANDS FOR BA 2017! published 1 hour, 20 minutes ago

The first big batch of bands confirmed for BA 2017 is here! Let’s start first with bands, that were forced to cancel their appearance this year but will come to play for You in 2017: ELECTRIC WIZARD, NILE and TERROR. While ELECTRIC WIZARD are the best stuff the drug-infused sabbathian doom has to offer, NILE helped to reshape death metal with new themes and energy by the turn of the millenium and TERROR are years proven veterans of the HC scene!
But the other bands also do not need any introduction! AUGUST BURNS RED will bring their powerful metalcore, AMORPHIS will present their unique transformation from old school death metal to their distinctive melodic take on the genre, GADGET will bring blasting swedish grindcore and MAYHEM will play the legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety! MORBID ANGEL have reunited with the charismatic frontman Steve Tucker and will play our festival after quite a long hiatus, needles to say this lineup has set up very high expectation from the fans from all over the world!
Returning to our fest are NERVOSA, this all-female thrash power trio is raging with typical Brazilian fury while different take on the genre will be presented by SACRED REICH, who will debut on our fest and who despite not making it into the big four are a genre classic! Next band on the list SWANS are a band that needs to be witnessed. Avantgarde rock group revolving around Michael Gira has a new album out and this tour will be the last in the current lineup, that witness the band in the best shape and productivy during their carrer. The last band on this list is the band that made the most of the combination of old thrash and modern approach to metal - TRIVIUM.


[spoiler]si je trouve un conducteur pour aller à l’hotel -bouvard-

et rester pls jours à Prague[/spoiler]


Non mais serieux ca va etre cool, je suis pas si enthousiasme que ca par les annonces mais ca demarre tres bien. Pourvu que ca dure car cette annee ca avait ete un peu le probleme avec de tres bons groupes mais beaucoup de choses qui ont fini par m’ennuyer profondement.

go :metaleux1:

C’est bon, y a Emperor, y a besoin de quoi de plus ?

Bah de quoi m’occuper le reste des journees sinon je vais un peu me tourner les pouces.

il aimera t’inquiete :bodin:

C’est validé?

tu te fais avoir pas les trolls de tranb?


Brutal Assault 2017 confirms 12 new bands!

The second round of bands confirmed for BA 2017 is here! This time lets start with Swedish OPETH, unique metal act combining heavy riffs and prog elements for more than 20 years. British SIKTH will finally come to festival to play their influental music to the djent movement within progressive metal.

The other bands also do not need any special introduction: Greek gothic black metal matadors ROTTING CHRIST or American PRONG playing groovy crossover thrash.

Polish tech death metal DECAPITATED announced a special set to 20th anniversary. Another death metal act on the bill DESERTED FEAR is raging fierce take on the genre. Norwegian TSJUDER is known best for their relentless, aggressive approach to Black Metal. American COUGH is bringing their devastating heavy sludge/doom.

Three acts will offer uncompromising core music: THE AMITY AFFLICTION and CHELSEA GRIN and WHILE SHE SLEEPS. While Australians THE AMITY AFFLICTION will bring metalcore with post-metal elements, American CHELSEA GRIN will serve killing deathcore. The last is British metalcore WHILE SHE SLEEPS, powerful live band and one of the most promising band of the genre.

Last but not least on the bill are German respected industrial veterans KMFDM and American experimental music collective WREKMEISTER HARMONIES that combines drone and postrock elements.

Check out our website for more:


Jonjon, y a Sikth, tu te ramènes ?

Cool pour Cough et Wrekmeister Harmonies.