Brutal Assault 2018 - République Tchèque - 8-11/08/2018

Aluk Todolo
At the Gates
Blood Incantation
Broken Hope
Carpathian Forest
Dead Congregation
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Full of Hell
Grave Pleasures
Misery Index
Nocturnus AD
Novembers Doom
Obscure Sphinx
Paradise Lost
Sadistic Intent
Saint Vitus
The Black Dahlia Murder
Whoredom Rife

A 2018 dates announced, early bird tickets up for sale and the first batch of bands revealed!

After the last year, that was for the first time in history sold out in pre-sale, we now bring you early bird tickets for Brutal Assault 2018! The festival will be held between 8th and 11th August 2018 again in the fortress Josefov.

The first wave of PRINT @ HOME tickets is on sale until the end of April 2018. Please orger at our new e-shop

We are happy to welcome Swedish classics AT THE GATES – who spawned melodic death metal, influenced metalcore and went ahead of their time with the all-time classic record Slaughter of the Soul.

Confirmed is also demonic Hellenic death metal of DEAD CONGREGATION, who themselves have also re-defined blasphemous death metal stemming from the depths of netherworld with their instant-classic debut record Graves of the Archangels. Ever since they’ve stayed loyal to the subgenre they helped to revive and belong among the most essential bands death metal has to offer these days.

SADISTIC INTENT set their path to be classical styled underground death metal around 30 years ago, when it was not yet coined what will be in the future regarded as so and they never strayed from this path.

They kept low profile and swore their oath to the underground and we now have the great pleasure to welcome them at BA for the first time ever! After years we will welcome back legendary Dutch act PESTILENCE. Tech death metal pioneers who left significant mark on extreme metal scene promised to play mostly all-time classics.

MISERY INDEX on the other hand never shied away from mixing death metal up with grindcore and helluva dose of adrenalin and they will present their juiced-to-the-tits style at BA again! Returning to our festival are also THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, who are drawing on melodic and metalcore elements and combining them in a powerful and energic death metal blend. And for the first time ever you will have the chance to experience uncompromising dirt-laden violence hardcore grind of their fellow Americans NAILS. Equally uncompromising will be also British act KUROKUMA, who are ready to blow brains wide open with a vicious sludge sound.

The genre of doom metal will also be represented by guardians of the old ways NOVEMBERS DOOM from the US and on the other hand purveyors of progress and experiments OBSCURE SPHINX from Poland. Progressive and reflective attitude to composing will also be showcased by Emperor frontman IHSAHN with his solo project.

As for black metal, even here we managed to get representatives of the ultra-orthodox school in CARPATHIAN FOREST and on the other hand we’ll host agents of melodic Portland scene with members of Agalloch, Uada and Maestus with their new project PILLORIAN. Beyond that we’re also gonna have WHOREDOM RIFE out of Nidaros, Norway, who are firmly rooted in classical second wave black metal of the early 90’s. However, beyond that they also manage to bring in their distinctive style of eerie melodies and massive amounts of charisma, especially in their frontman K.R. Geared to battle with this combination of elements in conjunction with their strictly underground integrity they might be able to become the banner bearers for the genre known as true Norwegian black metal.

The out of ordinary icing on the metal cake will have form of retro-futuristic electronica produced by French half-man, half-synthesizer PERTURBATOR, who took both metal and electronic scene by storm with his peculiar dark synths paying homage to the 80’s and aesthetics stemming not only from movies of the period but also from metal-specific approaches.

Cool, ca commence pas mal avec des classiques toujours agreable. En plus, ce sera la premiere fois pour Nails et j’imagine que le public va devenir fou.

Carrément présent, leur reste plus qu’a piquer Toxic Holocaust et Revenge qui seront au Party San le même week end.

  • Wardruna, Tormentor, Converge, Ingested
It’s been only two years since the last Ministry BA show but the impression Al Jourgensen and his cohort left the last time was so intense we simply couldn’t resist to draw this powerhouse of psychotic sound back when they’re available with a new record! Long before the early 2010s, before the legions of Sabbath-worshipping bands emerged from their caverns with lava-lamp font logos and denim vests, there was Saint Vitus. Along with bands like Pentagram or Trouble, Saint Vitus pioneered doom metal in its manifestation as a distinct metal sub-genre and in 2018 they will finally make their BA debut! Blood incantation will unleash upon you cerebral whirlwind of atmospheric death metal. The energy and magnetism of live Blood incantation will tangibly melt through the PA system, taking you to an unknown dimension. Also in the dimensions of death metal, Origin explode forth with the intensity of a second Big Bang phenomenon, launching cranium-collapsing projectiles of extremely fierce technical death metal, merging technicality with utter brutality. Speaking of brutality, Chicago’s Broken Hope should be the first band mentioned under the entry brutality in virtual lexicon of death-metal history. Last but not least get prepared for primordial vibrations and sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe channeled via hypnotic occult rock of the Frenchmen Aluk Todolo.

Bon ça !

Ca rigole pas…

wow… s’ils arrivent à booker Alcest je vais peut-être envisager

Et je rappelle que cette année, on va tenter de prendre un gros airbnb (12-15 lits), s’il y en a qui ont peur du camping.

Rien que pour Kurokuma, jsuis prêt à aller au camping!

Lebo avec nous!

  • Behemoth

Pourquoi pas.

Parce que tout ne peut pas etre parfait

Thanks to everyone who took a part in the crossword game! And now we would love to announce those bands officially! DYING FETUS from Maryland have been synonym for brutal death metal for more than 25 years and we are more than excited to welcome them back in the fortress once again, as well as their blackened death metal colleagues HATE from Poland. Old school metal maniacs would definitely appreciate that HIRAX with mighty Katon W de Pena are coming to BA to give us a lesson about true thrash metal riffing! The list of avant-garde bands is being extended by DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, Swedish act that originally combines progressive metal with jazz fusion or even swing. Also some fresh hardcore blood is coming to BA, including Australian metalcore NORHTLANE, deathcore butchery CARNIFEX as well as bestial screaming hardcore COUNTERPARTS or beatdown hardcore Belgians NASTY

Tant mieux qu’il y ait des groupes de merde, ça allège le planning et ça fera moins courir.

Certes, parce que Diablo Swing Orchestra…

Ah non, ça j’irai voir juste par curiosité. J’avais bien aimé le premier album à l’époque (enfin, surtout un morceau). Je parlais surtout de toutes les cochonneries -core.

Ah ouais Northlane c’est pas possible, Hate non plus remarque.


PARADISE LOST have not only defined the gothic subgenre and raised doom metal to a new level, they can also be considered pioneers of an entire musical generation. Upon their formation on the ashes of other musical pioneers Nihilist, UNLEASHED were formed and quickly adopted the position of Chief Vikings of Swedish Death Metal scene, which they up to this day refuse to vacate. And speaking of pioneers, we’re also extremely happy to welcome unique thrash powerhouse from the US to the bill, EXHORDER! Another groundbreaking act that will honor BA with one of its unique cosmic death metal performances is NOCTURNUS AD of Mike Browning!

NEOCAESAR will be invoking the best form of Dutch death metal once represented by Sinister and even though the band is recent spawn project, it is comprised of veteran former Sinister members. The current incarnation of Finnish post-punk phenomenon Beastmilk will pleasure the fans under the moniker GRAVE PLEASURES, while the fans of progressive guitar work can look forward for the virtuoso PLINI! We will also welcome uncompromising UNSANE, brutal soundtrack of New York city cacophony and the toughest noise riffs which are able to attack with fury of angry beast.

Contemporary avantgarde with grim undertones will be summoned by DODECAHEDRON, while French CELESTE will cast gloom with their dark post-hardcore sludge. Aggressive and one of the best live acts FULL OF HELL will replace NAILS in the line-up, so get ready for walls of noise and massive explosions of furious rhythms and riffs. This is brutality and darkness in its purest form.

Plus de Nails mais Full of Hell a la place, ca me va.