EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

EXCORIATE (Chile) … Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

The last recording of Chilean EXCORIATE is now available on tape!
Old school death metal/ Doom that remembers the atmospheres and doomy moments of MORGOTH (“Cursed”), and also the heaviness of CELTIC FROST (“To megatherion”) or very early ASPHYX, with a good dose of old school European death metal and traditional Chilean Death metal.

These four songs are destined to those who long for the atmospheres of death and obscurity.


This tape was released by NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST in mid july 2017,
it comes as a black tape with sticker and pro cover.

Available against 3,20 Euros + postage from this webshop:

EXCORIATE Discography:

  • In the Darkest Anguish Demo tape. 2005.
  • Death Communion Split tape. 2008.
  • Pendulum Demise Demo tape. 2009.
  • A Dismal Journey to the Oblivion Split CD. 2015.
  • … Of the Ghastly Stench Demo tape. 2017.

Members of EXCORIATE use or used to play in Demonic rage, The Fallen, Horrifying or Butamacho.

Gab/ Nihilistic Holocaust

Available now :

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