EXTINCTION AGENDA Tape out now! (Thrash/ Death thrash/ Blackened thrash)

EXTINCTION AGENDA (Usa) Inter Arma silent Leges Tape out now!

Kicking old school thrash with influences of old death metal and a blackened burning sense of the riff.

The band’s two hard to find demos from 2005 and 2006, now re-released on tape!

Materialized on limpid spinal-cord tape with sticker, pro color cover.

Get it from Visceral Circuitry records, also distributed by Nihilistic Distro.



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This is a re-release of this now long defunct Massachusetts bands 2005 & 2006 demos combined together for seven tracks and about twenty-one minutes of music. The band features the heart of what was the December Wolves, with all three members being part of that band. They play straight up ferociously fast and ripping, heavy mid to late ‘80s thrash metal that showcases some exquisite skill and craft some memorable songs. The riffs on here are massive and this band is a great riff machine. The drum works is superb as well, and the vocals of Scott Iconslaughter is excellent quintessential hoarse and gruffly yelled and sung vox that I found really infectious to listen to. Some bands that will surely spring to mind, in my opinion is early Exodus, old Kreator, Razor, Destruction, Infernal Majesty, early Slayer, Sacrifice, Dark Angel and other similar legend bands in the genre. Cheers to Visceral Circuitry Records for digging these demos back up and re-releasing them. I was around in the scene during this time (and long before that too haha) and still somehow I missed out on these killer releases. Thrash diehards who missed out like I did need this! - Dale