GLAUKOM SYNOD - Macabre remixes Out now!

Reversed glitch retro futurism, Ethnic electrofuzz war metal,
Maxi testosterone flipper tilt, Industrial compression/ decompression,
Robotic hair metal plagiarism, Morbid disco from the sewer,
Vomit violence, Melodic harsh-noise-wall relaxation,
Bowel splash darkness and reflections of eternity,
Accelerated reggae blastomania, 4-bits lofi cyber grind gutturalism… And more.

Listen: GLAUKOM SYNOD - Subterranean Nutgrabber/ Gangrene Control

Initially released on tape in 2008 and sold out,
now available again on CDr with Special packaging.
(Contains bonus songs from the split with The Processus)

Available agasint 3 Euros + postage.

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