Gutter Groove - fanzine hardcore

Salut les punks,

après pas mal d’ennuis en tout genres, un pote et moi avons enfin sorti notre premier numéro de Gutter Groove, fanzine 100 DIY!

28 pages imprimées en haute qualité, avec des interviews de Next Step Up (Baltimore, heavy hardcore 1990s), Redemption Denied (Belgique/Pays Bas, pour fans de Cold As Life, Death Threat) et xRepentancex (UK, vegan edgemetal stylé 90s pour fans d’Arkangel ou Day of Suffering). Live reports, chroniques, playlists.

Petite pub de la part du site Idioteq, ça fait plaisir!

Petite review cool de In Effeect Hardcore à propos de notre zine:

Freddy and Nico over in Europe decided to get off their asses and “give a little back to the core” with their debut issue which is 28 pages long. I love the haphazard layout as this is a total DIY cut and paste job with band photos mixed in with various photos that don’t have any ties to what is written on any particular page. Whether it is Borat, Omar from The Wire, Kenny Fucking Powers, or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude it’s funny to see these photos mixed into the layout. Interviews with xrepentencex, Redemption Denied, and Next Step Up (a realllllly long Next Step Up interview I may add). They got a playlist, show reviews, album reviews and zine reviews and aren’t scared to say if something sucks which is refreshing as well. A good first start with hopefully more to come. They are ready to wheel and deal if your looking to distro their zine and can also deliver your zine personally to you if you are in the Copenhagen or Berlin areas. If you have to Google Maps those 2 locations they probably aren’t near you!