Never Surrender Festival - 1/3 novembre - Berlin


Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead Productions are proud to announce the further expansion of an already significant partnership through their joint effort to present the inaugural Never Surrender Fest, to be held in Berlin, Germany, in November of 2018. Having collaborated in the planning and execution of the five Nuclear War Now! Fests between 2009 and 2016, this new festival reaffirms the labels’ alliance as one involving equal partners by providing a venue in which thirteen bands from each of their rosters will perform. In this way, each label will showcase a variety of bands that collectively represent the quality and variety of metal that each has sought to proliferate through the course of their respective histories. Given the level of attention to quality in every detail that has characterized the success of the now-dormant NWN! Fests, it can be assumed without any doubt that this new fest will surpass what had become a biennial staple in the worldwide metal scene. Over the course of the coming weeks, NWN! and IBP will announce invited bands as they are confirmed. Start making arrangements now to attend what promises to be the most mandatory event in the metal underground of 2018!
  1. Sabbat (confirmed)
  2. Evil (confirmed)
  3. Xibalba (confirmed)
  4. Witches Hammer (Confirmed)
  5. Grave Upheaval (confirmed)
  6. Reencarnacion (confirmed)
  7. Hellvetron (confirmed)
  8. Oskennus (Confirmed)
  9. Irkallian Oracle (Confirmed)
  10. Lihhamon (Confirmed)
  11. Faustcoven (Confirmed)
  12. Death Worship (Unconfirmed)
  13. Baxaxaxa (Confirmed)

A noter qu’il s’agit la que de la partie Nwn, la partie IBP contiendra également 13 groupes dont sont déja confirmés (Jordablod et Temple Nightside)

Inutile de dire que j’en serais.

Baxaxaxa :zemmour:

Sans doute présent


Xibalba a pas changé de nom?

Xibalba Itzaes a priori

PAs de salle annoncée ? :bodin: