Roadburn 2019 - Tilburg - 11-14 avril 2019

Belle annonce de bâtard qui vient de tomber !

More names for Roadburn 2019; ticket onsale date confirmed!
September 13, 2018


We are thrilled to confirm that Cave In will be performing at Roadburn. At the 2018 edition of the festival, Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath paid a moving tribute to bandmate Caleb Scofield who died the previous month, with an acoustic set of covers and Cave In tracks. As the audience and band members alike found catharsis through music, we wouldn’t have begrudged them one bit if this performance was the closest we ever got to Cave In at Roadburn.

When whispers reached us that Cave In would potentially be open to a Roadburn set for 2019 – our interest was well and truly piqued. Some months later, we’re beyond delighted to say it’s true – it’s really happening.

Stephen Brodsky comments: “Without question, it’s a high honor of artistic merit to perform at Roadburn. Members of Cave In have had the fortune of playing with other bands/projects in years past. Seems only a matter of time that we’d do a proper set at one of the best festivals on the planet devoted to forward-thinking music. We hope you’ll join us for a celebratory sonic lift-off into Roadburn 2019.”

Cave In will perform on Saturday, 13 April. Read more here.

The impromptu set Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath played at Roadburn 2018 to honour Caleb Scofield will be released digitally and on CD on November 30 via Roadburn Records. Vinyl will follow in early 2019. Part of the proceeds will go to the Caleb Scofield Memorial Fund.


Since Old Man Gloom last played Roadburn in 2014, a lot has changed. Later that year they released The Ape of God, and The Ape of God… a pair of identically named albums which were challenging in all the right ways, and a few of the wrong ways too.

Following the death of bassist, Caleb Scofield, earlier this year, Old Man Gloom vowed to continue what they had already started. Stephen Brodsky will be handling bass duties for this performance, and in turn Nate Newton will be taking on the role for Cave In’s set. This collaborative trip across the pond is made by a group of friends united by love and a desire to celebrate the life of Caleb. To that effect, Old Man Gloom promise a special set at Roadburn and more details will be available in due course.

Old Man Gloom will perform on Sunday, 14 April. Read more here.


There are a few pretty immovable parts of Roadburn these days; traditions that we maintain to showcase the best and brightest in our little world. One of these cornerstones is our Artist In Residence – a band or solo artist who will perform multiple times across the weekend, and with each set they showcase a different facet of their creativity. Past artists in residence include Earthless, Gnod and Misþyrming.

The choice for 2019 was… easy. If there’s one band who have surpassed themselves – and arguably many of their peers – in terms of creative output this year, it’s Thou. They will play four times across the weekend; there will be a collaborative set, a covers set, an acoustic set, and a Magus era set. What exact form those performances take, and the details of them will unfold between now and… well, the moment they step on stage for each of those specific sets.

Thou will perform on each day of the festival. Read more here.


As lovers of terrifying innovation, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Daughters to the 2019 roster. We anticipate lurching horror and bombastic heft to keep the room in constant tension as they deliver the intensity they’re known for. What we know for certain is that fans of everything from The Locust to The Birthday Party will find a little something in this performance, which is bound to leave the room sweaty and exhausted.

“Partaking in Roadburn is similar to what I expect it’s like to be involved in a Scorsese film; performing is a close second only to the opportunity to work with an array of talented artists. We are grateful to be included” – Alexis Marshall.

Daughters will ruin the room on Sunday, April 14. Read more here.


The first artist out of the bag for Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event at Roadburn 2019 is none other than Henrik Palm.

Tomas explains his choice: “His name should ring a bell with everybody into anything heavier in our beloved alternative underground scene. He has been a part of seminal bands such as In Solitude and Ghost, and also more “off the map” bands such as the groundbreaking Pig Eyes.

“When I finally got to see him live some time ago, the performance just blew me away. Be sure to not miss out on this. It’s a must see show.”

Henrik Palm will perform on Saturday, April 13 as part of Tomas Lindberg‘s The Burning Darkness curated event. Read more here.


Here on Planet Roadburn, we’ve always welcomed visitors of a cosmic sort. While this often means the wildest fringes of psychedelic rock, it also means the asteroid-riding, hazy new wave of Californian duo Drab Majesty is in perfect universal alignment with the festival. Drab Majesty began as a home recording project for former Marriages drummer Andrew Clinco but quickly became its own entity, warranting the need for his alter ego Deb Demure to take the forefront as guitarist, vocalist, and mastermind.

With synthesizer accompaniment from Mona D, Demure guides audiences through a show that is truly beyond time and space, functioning as more of a setting for altered states and new experience than a mere recital of songs from records.

With such strangely seductive sounds and such darkly intriguing subject matter, we can’t wait to watch as Drab Majesty brings their demonstration to Roadburn 2019 as they suspend time on Friday, 12 April. Read more here.


We are delighted to announce that Ulcerate will be making their Roadburn debut at the 2019 edition of the festival. They will come a long way to do so, and yet already have come so far, deftly positioning themselves as the standard-bearers for a new era of death metal.

Making the trek from New Zealand to be with us in Tilburg means that we’re in for a treat… or torment, depending on your worldview. To witness Ulcerate live is a brain-altering, bone-shifting experience; it is, to put it bluntly, like going through the wringer. That three men can turn a whole room on its axis is no mean feat.

If you’re up for a Sunday (14 April) sermon like no other – one that will leave you blinking in the Dutch sunlight, feeling like your very soul has been flayed – then may we suggest you make a date with Ulcerate for next April. Read more here.


Hailing from one of the biggest cities in the world, and one where those contrasts are the more poignant, New York, Imperial Triumphant founded by guitarist/vocalist Ilya thirteen years ago has reached, on its third full-length album, a critical mass that fully embodies the essence of their geographical origin, and also acts as an allegory for modern societies in general.

As impressed as we were with Vile Luxury, the band seems to consider it highly as well – their set at Roadburn 2019 will consist of the album performed in full, plus two pieces born out of studio improvisation on. “Imperial Triumphant is ecstatic to be invited to Roadburn’s 2019 festival,” Ilya told us. “We will bring the high society city ritual to Holland; exclusively performing tracks from our critically acclaimed summer release Vile Luxury. It is an honour.”

Let us prepare the throne for the emperor of gold and filth to sit upon at Roadburn 2019 on Sunday, 14 April! Read more here.


Poland has always been a fertile ground for quality black metal, and in the past few years, some of the country’s more wonderfully twisted sons have been taking the rich heritage of that scene and building upon it, reaching for those uncharted musical territories that we cherish so much here at Roadburn. Furia and Thaw were great examples of this bubbling creativity last year, and in 2019 it’s up to Mord’A’Stigmata to fire the opening Polish salvo on Sunday, 14 April.

“Two years after the release of “Hope”, it’s high time to open a new chapter in the activity of Mord’A’Stigmata. In April 2019, we will premiere the whole new material at one of the finest events dedicated to genuine sonic experiences, Netherlands’ own Roadburn Festival in Tilburg. To say we are thrilled to be part of it, is to say nothing at all. It’s hard to imagine a better time and place to unfold the music we have been bringing to life and dedicating our lives to for the last months.” Read more here.


Belgium’s Wolvennest ranked among the highlights of the 2017 Roadburn Festival, playing at the 250 capacity Extase. Such was the excitement around their set, the band could just as easily have played on the main stage, as their creepy yet cinematic drone-scapes resonated with everyone present.

Saddened by the idea of people missing out on all that Wolvennest have to offer, and encouraged by the release of their sophomore album, Void, it was necessary to welcome them back to the 2019 festival. Wolvennest will conquer the main stage this time around by playing Void in full on Saturday, 13 April. Read more here.


That Gold have been in the studio recently (with renowned produced Jaime Gomez Arellano) fills us with joy. An invitation to Roadburn 2019 (on Friday, 12 April) was mandatory – and made all the more glorious by the news that they’ll be presenting music from that new – as yet un-named – album during their set.

Until Roadburn is upon us, and indeed, until this new album drops, wrap yourself around the melody-drenched heaviness of previous albums, No Image and Optimist, in preparation. Read more here.


With their second record, Feast for Water, Italy’s Messa proved once again they’re more than just a great logo. We’re proud to welcome them to Roadburn Festival for the first time in 2019!

Feast for Water, preceded by the four-piece’s 2016 debut, Belfry — as in, where the bats are — is an anti-genre work of richly atmospheric weight. Taking elements from black metal, heavy rock, doom, jazz, ambient psychedelia, cult and goth rock, songs like ‘Leah’ and ‘Tulsi’ offer transcendent spaces for the listener to dwell within. It’s a sonic journey we can’t wait to take when Messa perform a special set as part of next year’s festival. Read more here.

Weekend tickets for Roadburn 2019 will go on sale on Thursday, October 4. They will be available to purchase in person from Sounds Tilburg record store (from 6pm) for those in the vicinity. For those further afield, tickets will be available from from 8pm CEST/ 7pm BST/ 2pm EDT. We recommend setting up a account in advance.

Tickets will be priced as follows:
3 days ticket €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket €204 + €4,50 service fee
Day ticket (Thu, Fri or Sat) €62 + 4,50 service fee
Sunday ticket €55,50 + €4,50 service fee

We also know that having somewhere to sleep is kind of a big deal, so before October 4, we’ll have news regarding the the new luxury cabins at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park, and information regarding the 2019 Urban Campsite in Tilburg. We might even be able to squeeze in another band or two before tickets drop too…

Je suis ultra motivé pour y retourner cette année.

Par contre comme d’hab pas de logement diponible à proximité pedestre :arthur:

Je vais faire comme l’an dernier, je vais regarder sur airbnb tous les jours que quelque chose apparaisse.

Sans moi, je ne prends plus de risques avec les fests ! :coluche:

Si je dois en refaire un, faut que ce soit le Bloodshed.

c’était mon premier et c’était bien cool, meme si je m’attendais à un truc un peu different (au niveau de l’ambiance… car les concerts c’était tres bien)
pour l’instant mes preferés restent le heavydays doom à copenhague et le Temples de Bristol… malheuresement les 2 sont mort :hass:

et t’avais trouvé ?

Ouais, mais quand même dans une petite ville juste à côté, donc voiture tous les jours.

ha bah Marco, l’ambiance… bah c’est un concert aux pays-bas quoi… Plutôt calme, forcément !

C’est bien sympa Messa :icon_wink:

Ça doit effectivement être bien prenant sur scène.

MESSA “Leah” Official videoclip 2018