VALGRIND - Morning will come no more..Tape! Old school death

“Morning will come no more”… Tape out now!

This killer and soulfull old school Death album is now re-materialized on tape!

Almost 60 minutes of death metal the traditional way, with killer riffs, atmospheres, obscurity, skills and a knowledge for real compositions!

Think about the burning influences of old MORBID ANGEL, old to mid-old DEATH, early IMMOLATION (First album), some BRUTALITY, some old PESTILENCE… and underground 90’s Death metal in general.

VALGRIND - Fifth nightmare (Old school death, Italy)

This was composed in the old way, and it speaks: The feeling, the riffs and the production reek of 90’s Death metal passion!
(Some of these songs were composed in the 90’s for the band’s first demos, then reworked later for the album’s completion).

This album was initially released in 2012 on CD, but have been sold out for years and was never materialized on analog format… This is now a problem solved.

This comes as a pro printed black tape, with color cover, and is limited to 300 copies.

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For those who want to learn more about VALGRIND,
Here’s an interview I did with the band at the time of “Morning will come now more”:

Is it a tape from the cd ? or is it remasterized ?


C’est le même enregistrement que le Cd, pas remasterisé

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I must confess I do not know a whole about this Italian band, besides hearing their name from time to time over the years, and yes, there has been years passed indeed. As despite this being a re-release of this bands debut album, originally released in 2012 on CD, they had started way back in 1996 and had no less than 4 demos out on tape and that disc at that point in time. I am not sure what happened in the ten years between their last demo and this debut full-length. But there is an intro, followed by two decent but quite standard deathrash songs, which again were okay yet quite standard and forgettable quite honestly. Then the third track post intro, entitled “Dark Dressed Shepard” kicks in and suddenly the sound on the guitars is more brutal, more straight up good death metal. The riffs and song structuring suddenly possess more dynamic quality, variation and even feature some cool, brief guitar solos that really spice things up. What a turn around from those first couple songs, which left me a bit listless as a listener and wondering how this band was around for 16 years already at that point, then suddenly before I can write anything down the quality in nearly every aspect goes up a level. That was a pleasant surprise! Maybe the band thought let’s keep expectations low to start and then turn it up and hit them hard and don’t look back? Maybe they just put every song they wrote during that decade and just suddenly got way better? The growled vocals are solid, deep and decipherable and pretty classic sounding. I would say both the vocals are music remind me a lot to early to mid ‘90s Floridian death metal (excluding those couple early songs) that is catchy, heavy and features some really nice individual and collective performances in the playing and construction of these tracks. I don’t know what the two albums and ep released after “Morning Will Come…” sound like, but it feels like the band were starting to really find their sound and identity on this enjoyable release. I will have to check out some of their later works one day, but until then check out this unearthed hour long diamond in the rough. - Dale
Valgrind are veterans of an extreme metal scene, formed from the ashes of the 1993 blackened-death metal act, Necrospell. These Italians have been very active and productive since the very foundation of the band, always true to their roots and their trademark old-school death metal sound. Nevertheless, Morning Will Come No More is their first full-length, originally released in 2012 on Godeater Records.
The elements of black metal can still be heard on their latest album Morning Will Come No More, but they’re not predominant as earlier in their career. The album clocks at app. 57 minutes, which makes it a long record, having in mind that we are dealing with a death metal release. However, I don’t think that the length of this record do any damage, actually I was very entertained throughout the whole album.
The album kicks off with the short instrumental track titled “Seven Horns” which is most recognisable for its horn’s/alarm sounds. It is a short prelude for what is to come next, a sonic assault with second track “Fifth Nightmare” (listen below). The track begins with explosive blast beats, a buzzsaw guitars and the dissonant harmonies.
“Quest For Immortality” and “Dark Age” are two instrumental tracks that at first doesn’t fit into the context of the album, but after a few spins I think they serve the album well, adding diversity to this otherwise brutal album.
While listening to this record for a second time I noticed that tracks like the aforementioned “Codex Armageddon” and “Capes Of Desolation” have almost the same exact beginning?! I don’t know if its done deliberately or not, but I wish they didn’t repeat themselves as much as the case is here.
As far as production goes, I think I can say that is it done fantastically. Those Italian veterans really know how to produce awesome old school death metal album. The guitars are crushing, the drums are booming, punchy and the visceral, the riffs are monstrous and obscure while the gutteral vocals fit very well in this sound-chaos of the instruments.
To sum it up even further; Morning Will Come No More is a very good release which I really enjoyed. Esp. recommended for worshipers of Death, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Pestilence etc.

VALGRIND was originally founded in 1993 but broke up in 2003 just to reunite in 2008. Since then the two full lengths “Morning Will Come No More" (2012) and « Speech Of The Flame » (2016) as well as the EP « Seal Of Phobos » (2017) have been released. « Morning Will Come No More » (2012) was initially released in 2012 on CD, but have been sold out for years and now Nihilistic Holocaust released this sought after release on a pro printed black tape, with color cover, limited to 300 copies. VALGRIND definitely sound different than normal Death Metal bands. Of course the base is true old school Death but VALGRIND offers a variety of dark melodies in utmost twisted format and accumulatively almost 60 minutes of Death Metal delivered in the traditional way, with killer riffs, atmospheres, obscurity, skills and a knowledge for real compositions which makes it a classic, slightly technically inspired, yet completely uncompromising Death Metal release in pure culture. Stylistically, it sounds like a brew of the second album of DEATH « Leprosy », some BRUTALITY, the most flesh-filled riffs of mid-old MORBID ANGEL, the first IMMOLATION album (mostly for the style of drums), old PESTILENCE (re-incarnation of Patrick Mameli school of vocal delivery and guitar wizardry!), perhaps very old NILE and also some old MALEVOLENT CREATION and DEMOLITION HAMMER. Here, some of these songs were composed in the 90s for the band’s first demos, then reworked later for the album’s completion. Talking about this release and making comparison to old legends it’s comparatively easy, but that won’t do them real justice, as after a few listenings from top to bottom, you will get the feeling that this is truly an underground old school Death Metal masterpiece. It is not only the music and the songs; it is the general aura of this album. It feels like it was released back in 1995 or something. The songs themselves are perfect in construction with no modern exaggerations, and technicalities, unnecessary for the style they chose to play! Of course this doesn’t take away the wrath someone would imagine when thinking of old school brutality. The riffs are monstrous, followed by mid tempo drumbeats, and that, along with the fat bass guitar and the outrageous vocals, make it, almost unbearable not to start head-banging from the first minute. It is an album full of energy that takes you in its vortex. The whole thing gets even better with some melodic interludes used here and some other creepy stuff, like ‘Dark Age’, and let’s not forget about the crisp, natural production that takes their ferocity to a new level with its raw and edgy aspect. Lyrically it talks about something apocalyptical rushing towards earth, expressed through its diseased and claustrophobic melodies. No doubt, this album needs an in-depth listening to be understood in all its diversity. It is truly a must check for every old schoolers and of course for everyone who wants to revisit the essence of old school barbarity.

Some new reviews of VALGRIND has appeared !
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DETOX Zine (Poland)
Dostałem ten materiał z tak zwanego partyzanta od Gabriela z Nihilistic Holocaust, za co obecnie jestem mu niezmiernie wdzięczny. Nigdy wcześniej nawet nie słyszałem o włoskim VALGRIND, ale to, co ten zespół wyprawia na swoim debiutanckim albumie, przechodzi ludzie czy nawet nadludzkie pojęcie. Pierwotnie debiut Włochów ukazał się na CD dzięki Godeater Records w 2012 roku, natomiast kasetowa wersja dzięki Francuzowi z Nihilistic Holocaust wyszła w 2018 roku. Muzyka zespołu VALGRIND to nic innego jak czysta niczym nieskalana kwintesencja gatunku DEATH METAL!!! To, co znajduje się na "Morning Will Come No More”, gdyby powstało w odpowiednim miejscu i czasie, mogłoby z powodzeniem konkurować z największymi kapelami gatunku. Słychać w muzyce VALGRIND echa MORBID ANGEL ze swojego początkowego najlepszego okresu, DEATH z okolic "Human”, NOCTURNUS. To, co dzieje się przez blisko godzinę, niejednemu może zawrócić w głowie. Ja jestem zahipnotyzowany i naprawdę dobrze mi z tym. Ilość doskonałych zmieniających się jak w kalejdoskopie riffów to zdecydowanie silny zajebisty fundament tego zespołu, co w połączeniu z różnorodnością aranżacji, zmianami temp, robi piorunujące wrażenie. To, co zaś wyczynia w swoich solówkach Massimiliano Elia, to już musi być sprawka samego Rogatego. Wirtuozeria najwyższych lotów, która na moje ucho jest wypadkową Threya Azaghtotha i Chucka Schuldinera plus nieokreślone pierwiastki własne. Z jednej strony dzikość, wściekłość, furia à la Trey, z drugiej technika i wyrachowanie Chucka z późniejszego albumów DEATH. To samo tyczy się samych utworów. Z jednej strony jesteśmy atakowani wściekłymi riffami i tempami rodem z debiutu MORBID ANGEL, by po chwili znaleźć sie na walcach made in "Covenant”. Kolejny mocny punkt VALGRIND to wokalista, który ma akurat to "coś”. Jego niski growling idealnie współgra z całością i co ciekawe jest bardzo dobrze rozumialny. Swoje miejsce na tym albumie znalazły również klawisze, które w bardzo subtelny sposób zaznaczają swoją obecność, podkreślając specyficzną ponadczasową atmosferę tego materiału. Wszystko brzmi, jak należy, każda nuta w idealnym miejscu, wszystko w idealnych proporcjach, dokładnie tak jak lubię. Można by każdy utwór rozebrać na czynniki pierwsze i analizować, tylko po co? Zamiast tego wolę po raz kolejny zapuścić ten albumu i odpłynąć w nieznane… Zdecydowanie polecam!!!

Italians Valgrind have been slogging death metal for quite a while now. Their 2012 album, Morning Will Come No More , recently re-released on tape by Nihilistic Holocaust, is quite a beastly release, drawing influence entirely from the US death metal scene - particularly premier acts such as Death, Incantation, and Morbid Angel. The old school flavor and production sets the stage for a solid hour of intense death metal in a classic and uncompromising tradition of brutality. The band adeptly structures songs to highlight outright technical prowess while adopting simplistic barbarity at key moments in tracks to give the the intellectual ear brief moments of respite and the emotional heart room to rampage and drool. After several listens, Valgrind prove themselves worthy of being listed among the best the genre has to offer, especially when compared to many of the often touted modern death metal elite.
After a short intro, the album begins proper with « Fifth Nightmare, » highlighting the mixture of influences which will be found across the album. The production in many spots reminds me of the deep, low-end focus of Death’s Human . Massimiliano Elia and Emanuele Ottani pair to form an enlightened guitar duo, particularly where lead work is considered. Rhythms are buoyed by Marcello Malagoli on drums and Elia once again handling bass. The four man unit with Daniele Lupidi enforcing with his powerful bellows hammer home the refined and decisive bludgeoning. With this natural throwback tone set from genesis, it’s difficult to do anything but be enveloped in soothing extremity. As the album progresses, other influences and comparisons become more readily apparent depending on the tracks. « Dark Dressed Shepherd » is nostalgic for Incantation, « When Mortal Skin End To Be » immediately resurrected the more obscure Mortal Decay’s Forensics at opening, and « Rebirth. Pt. 1 » will remind listeners of Morbid Angel’s seminal Altars of Madness .
If the album has a flaw, it’s length - as is often the case for me. Squeaking by in just under an hour, it’s a lot of material to digest, even as powerful and strong as each song is. A couple of weaker songs could have been dredged and deposited somewhere else, such as on an EP or refined further. A note to today’s bands: Onward to Golgotha clocks forty-five minutes, Altars of Madness clocks in at forty-four, Dawn of Possession at forty-two, and Human sprints by at thirty-three. Great death metal albums should mug you; should release violence urgently; should come and go like a sharp blade through flesh. It’s not that a band should be tied to any length restriction, but it takes an adept artist being candid with themselves to acknowledge when to reign in album length.
Nonetheless, Valgrind handle this lengthiness with appropriately placed short instrumentals throughout the release to give momentary cleansing of the ears. The first of these instrumentals, « Quest for Immortality » opens the B side of the tape. So aside from turning your tape - or allowing auto reverse to kick in - the track helps cue the listener back into the album and prepares them for « Rebirth Pt. 1 » and « Rebirth Pt. 2. » I felt a Testimony of the Ancients flavor which was odd considering the rest of the album is so US centric. The second of the instrumentals also appears on the B-side of the tape before the second to last song. It’s akin to the common « we’ve got two more songs » warning I seem to hear every show I go to. At thirty-five seconds, it’s fine where it is and makes sense though I think I would have preferred this second instrumental right before the final track because…
The album ends with masterpiece, « Only Human Beings Corrupt Their Will ». Here, Valgrind leave any regrettable concern over experimental absences covered. The track is likely my favorite along with the two « Rebirth » tracks. Opening with memorable deep tremolo picking riffs before disappearing on and off into Morbid Angel territory, the song shifts to big cosmic chord moments with keys backing tapping guitar melodies and a blistering guitar solo section in a Nocturnus vein. With unique textures subliminally rumbling beneath slower repetitive chords, the song is a mixture of a number of stylistic tendencies of Valgrind while showing that there is no shortage of creative arrangement ideas available for the picking for this band.
I often wonder if exceptional albums such as this find their way to the right ears. It’s easy to pass over phenomenal newer albums and a lot of old-school death metal fans seem to shy away from hearing worthwhile modern releases. It’s not surprising with the amount of over-hyped music circulating along with the high saturated market that many simply do not give a modern band like Valgrind a chance. Morning Will Come No More deserves the comfort of an old school death metal fan’s crusty car stereo. I also really found rewarding here were intangibles such as the memorable song titles and deep red monochromatic artwork. I wish there were some sort of lyrical accompaniment with the J-card however I am well aware of the difficulty of satisfying such an extreme layout. This all is minor; Morning Will Come No More is a major reward.

FEMFORGACS Webzine (Hungary)
Sok izgalmat rejthetnek azok a zenekarok, akik eltűnnek a felszínről, majd évekkel később újra felbukkannak, vagy történetük igazán régre, az underground bugyraiba nyúlnak vissza. Ilyen vissza-visszatérő nevek az olasz földalatti death világban a Valgrind és a Necrospell zenekarok, hiszen a történetük a 90-es évek elején indult. A Necrospell egy ambiciózus, de gyorsan elhalt, egyetlen kultikus demót maga mögött hagyó death metal horda volt, melynek hamvain két egykori tagja megalapította a Valgrindet. Hogy ne legyen egyszerű a dolog, idő közben a Necrospell név is elkezdett visszaszivárogni és a zenekarok közt elkezdődtek a tagcserék… Ma már a Valgrindnek csak egy ős tagja van Massimiliano Elia személyében, aki azután került ide, hogy a két alapító tag lépett… De még tovább fokozható a név körüli katasztrofális helyzetjelentés: a zenekar legtöbb tagja igazi multifunkcionális egyed, sokan 2-3 poszton is kipróbálták már magukat, ami azt jelenti, hogy aki pár évig énekelt, az utána dobosként tért vissza…
Ezt csak azért írom le, hogy tudjátok, a mai Valgrind már megint jóval másabb, mint a 2012-es debütálásuk pillanatában, melyből most kaptam egy példányt. A Morning Will Come No More azonban azt hozta, amit elvárhattunk ennyi “tökéletesítő” cserebere után: egy egészen érett death metal dalcsokrot. Olyat, melyet oda lehet tenni a több évtizednyi történet mellé és nem kell szégyellniük. Átlagos hörgéssel, néhány kiemelkedő riffel és magabiztos ritmusszekcióval. Kiemelkedő, néha hosszú, máskor rövid gitárszólókkal megszórva.
Ha valaki hosszú éveket vár egy debüt lemez kiadására, az viszont gyakran képes túlzásba esni és minden stúdióban töltött percet szeretne hanghordozóra rögzíteni… Valahogy így érzek a Valgrind esetében is, hiszen a hörgés – gitárszóló – riff – hörgés – gitárszóló – riff… felhozatalból 57 percet lenyomni bárki torkán nem egy egyszerű feladat. Az album azoknak lehet igazi megkönnyebbülés, akik a tételeket korábban demókon, single kiadványokon gyűjtögették évekig és most van lehetőségük egy helyen tudni a kincseiket.
Kettősség érzetét hagyta bennem a Morning Will Come No More, mivel erős dalokban gondolkodtak, melyekben ugyanakkor rettenetesen túltolták a gitárszólókat, valamint alapvetően a játékidőt, amely már megterhelő lehet 30-40 perc után is. Ha nem a rövid és intenzív gyalut részesíted előnyben death metal esetében és bőséges anyagot akarsz kapni néhány kattintás után, akkor tegyél egy próbát velük.
Het komt niet zo vaak voor dat ik een cassette release mag bespreken bij Arrow Lords of Metal, maar met ‘Morning Will Come No More’ van de Italiaanse death metal formatie Valgrind heb ik er dan toch één te pakken. En dat roept bij mij dan toch weer nostalgische gevoelens op. In de vroege jaren negentig was ik namelijk nog een fervent tapetrader en ik heb nog enkele bananendozen vol met tapes in de kelder staan, die ik – mede dankzij deze tape van Valgrind – onlangs in de kerstvakantie weer eens naar boven gehaald heb en doorgespit heb naar lang vergeten juweeltjes. Een korte blik op Discogs vertelde me tevens dat een aantal originele tapes uit de jaren 80 ondertussen flink in waarde zijn gestegen. Interessante ontwikkelingen als je het mij vraagt…
Maar nu terug naar Valgrind. Het debuutalbum ‘Morning Will Come No More’ werd in 2012 oorspronkelijk op CD uitgebracht via het Duitse Godeater Records en begin vorig jaar verscheen deze release vervolgens ook op cassette via Nihilistic Holocaust Records. Hij is dus al enige tijd uit op cassette. De veertien nummers op het album (waarvan drie instrumentals) vormen samen een conceptalbum over de ondergang van de aarde. Valgrind liet zich op ‘Morning Will Come No More’ vooral inspireren door Amerikaanse death metal uit de vroege jaren negentig, door bands als Immolation, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Death en Pestilence en slaagt er in op hun debuutalbum een heerlijk authentiek geluid neer te zetten. De pakkende old school death metal riffs voorzien van stuwende drumpartijen weten gedurende bijna een uur aan één stuk door te boeien. Het geheel wordt daarbij afgerond door de rauwe zang van Daniele Lupidi en de vele gave gitaarsolo’s van Massimiliano Elia en Emanuelle Ottani.
Als je niet beter zou weten zou je denken dat de rauwe en ongepolijste death metal met zijn duistere atmosfeer ergens in ’91 of ’92 werd opgenomen. ‘Morning Will Come No More’ laat dus zeker geen origineel geluid horen, maar voor liefhebbers van het genre mag dit geen probleem zijn. Deze re-release op cassette komt verder helaas zonder al te veel extra’s; Het hoesje is voorzien van enkele wazige foto’s, maar teksten ontbreken helaas. Tapeheads kunnen hun slag slaan via de Bandcamp site van de band, want de tape is nog steeds verkrijgbaar voor een zacht prijsje.