INFECTED PRIEST/ HUMAN TARGET Split tape! (Death/ Finland)

GRIND YOUR SKULL! On this new tape you will find two finnish bands to reanimate the festered!
Evil Death metal grind against Old styled death metal with a bizarre touch.

INFECTED PRIEST plays old school death metal/ grind with a touch of gory satanic sickness.

HUMAN TARGET is more along the lines of old school 90’s death metal, but with a more bizarre touch that could remember of elder finnish death or old Carcass.


Released on black pro tape.
Limited to 100 copies.

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Hail the dead! Praise the corpse!

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La premiere chronique de la split tape a été publiée sur VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE Webzine

What I like about today’s modern times is the simultaneous nature of many things. On the one hand we have the endless expanses of the world wide web, but on the other hand we still have analogue sound carriers. Like this release, a cassette limited to 100 copies. Especially this medium has become more and more famous during the last years, not only when it comes to Heavy Metal, but also mainstream artists like Madonna are releasing tapes. Nihilistic Holocaust Records is focusing on underground acts and I am glad that there are still people out there taking care of unknown bands. Because unknown does not necessarily means lousy. Both bands are from Finland and now at the latest the interested fan will take notice, because Finnish Death Metal already has an exceptional reputation. Although this time it sounds a bit more British, which also has a special character. INFECTED PRIEST have released two EPs plus one demo so far, the seven songs (plus intro) are taken from the “…Of The Flesh” EP released last year. The intro sounds pretty mysterious and lo-fi, I was afraid of some kind of industrial Black Metal. But luckily it is over after a minute and the band is hitting the nail on the head. A fierce mixture of Death Metal and Grindcore, reminding of the glorious days of British Death Metal, a mixture of early works a BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION and NAPALM DEATH during the “Harmony Corruption” era. By the way, the longest song ‘Needle And Thread’ is just over two minutes, so by Grindcore standards it is almost epic songwriting. But do not worry, the rest will be knocked down quickly and confidently. HUMAN TARGET have a somewhat clearer sound and the singer tends more to classic Death Metal grunts and the vocals are bit more varied in terms of interspersed shrieks, but otherwise they move in similar musical realms. Whereas not only the vocals, also the riffs are clearly more towards Death Metal. The five songs are taken from the “Human Target” EP, prior to this the band just released one three track demo so far. If you like this special Grindcore / Death Metal melange of the above mentioned bands, you should definitely give this split tape a listen.